Why DivaDolly?

Never miss a chance to dance.

Move your way with DivaDolly: Innovative Dance Bags with Garment Racks.

You’ve prepared. You’ve practiced. You’ve rehearsed your roles and routines again and again. You’ve got your uniform, shoes, hair products, and countless other accessories you need.

You’ve got this.

The only thing left to question is... How are you going to pack, carry, and organize your essentials? It’s the question every beginner and seasoned dancer asks themselves daily.

And we’re finally here with an answer!

Meet DivaDolly: The Rolling Dance Suitcase with a Garment Rack, Built-In Drawers, + Everything an Artist and Athlete Needs

DivaDolly was founded by Jenn – a fellow “dance mom” and innovative problem solver.

After trying dance bag after dance bag, none could keep up with the breakneck pace and long packing lists of her daughter’s competition world. From faulty zippers to unreliable pockets, nothing could quite keep up with her daughter’s last-minute call times, quick changes, and backstage chaos.

That’s when Jenn decided to design an authentic, multi-tasking, creative dance garment bag truly worthy of a dancer.

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What Makes DivaDolly Beat the Competition as the Best Dance Garment Bag?

DivaDolly is the smartest, most practical rolling dance suitcase + garment rack innovation for traveling dancers or entertainers. Just like you, it’s one-of-a-kind:

  • 6 Universal Wheels for Effortless (& Stylish) Travel.
    No more lugging your dance bag. DivaDolly moves easily with you, only needing a gentle push.
  • Telescopic Garment Rack to Keep Your Costumes as Beautiful as You Are.
    An aluminum, locking, and retractable dance bag with a garment rack means your costumes are ready when you are. No more wrinkled, ruined, or lost items.
  • Graded-Depth Drawers for Quick & Effortless Organization.
    As you move top-to-bottom, your drawers grow in depth, helping you finally keep track of all those tiny bobby pins, hair ties, dance shoes, and leotards.

DivaDolly: For More Than Just Dancers.

DivaDolly is for everyone. Cheerleaders, gymnasts, stylists, models — you name it! It caters to your needs, helping you save time and make your backstage prep as successful as your on-stage performance.

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