Why DivaDolly


DivaDolly's Rolling Dance Luggage System is the Perfect Upgrade from that old dance bag!

Since humans have been moving in sync with music, dancers have searched tirelessly for an alternative to the dance bag. Even if the dance bag came with a built-in rack, it still remained an unwieldy approach to storing so many of the essentials a dancer counts on having at the ready. And so for centuries, dancers sought out the easiest ways possible to pack and transport their costumes, make-up, shoes, hair products and the dozens of dance accessories that comprise a busy dancer’s wardrobe.

Introducing DivaDolly, the smartest, most practical rolling dance luggage innovation ever for the traveling dancer – or entertainer of any kind actually. With the DivaDolly, all of the dreaded failings of the dance bag, or again, even a dance bag with a rack, go away forever. DivaDolly's rolling dance luggage system boasts universal wheels that make it easy for dancers to glide over virtually any surface as they travel. Try doing that with a dance bag. Even better, DivaDolly comes equipped with interior drawers, making it painless to organize your entire dance lifestyle. With a dance bag, or dance bag with a rack, your items predictably jostle around, wrinkle, spill or get lost. As a matter of fact, just compare the benefits of the DivaDolly and it’s plain to see why owning one, as opposed to a dance bag or dance bag with a rack is a no-brainer for the active dance lifestyle.


  • Universal wheels (6 in total); allowing you to casually walk alongside your DivaDolly and gently push it as you go. A dance bag has zipper pouches and pockets and typically, you’re made to carry it over your shoulder. Even if your bag comes with wheels, you’re still stuck lugging it behind you.

  • Telescopic Garment Rack; having an aluminum, locking and retracting garment rack means your costumes are kept neat, off the floor, organized and ready for competition at a moment’s notice. With a dance bag with a rack, the arms are commonly plastic and tend to collapse under the weight of the very garments it was meant to support.

  • Graded-depth drawers; As you move top-to-bottom, your drawers grow in depth. How cool is that!? You can creatively pack your smaller and larger belongings into your DivaDolly rolling dance luggage system using the graded-depth drawers. With a dance bag, you actually need more bags to organize the stuff you're putting inside your dance bag. Zip-locking plastic bags, make-up cases and other improvised organizational tools are strewn about inside this antiquated dance bag solution that is supposed to make your dance travels easier.

There’s so many more awesome reasons to choose DivaDolly, so be sure to read up on all of the exciting reasons to buy your very own DivaDolly and finally put that dance bag in the closet for good.


DivaDolly's rolling dance luggage isn’t just the right choice for dancers. Cheerleaders, gymnasts, stylists, models, and believe it or not, even ice skaters, magicians and yes, professional clowns all can save time and travel smarter by exchanging that tired old dance bag for this revolutionary new way to transport your costumes, make-up, accessories and more.