Travel Makeup, Hair and Cosmetic Cases

Costumes? Check! Hair? Check! Make-up? Check.

Cosmetic Cases
 Everything is packed in your DivaDolly, the smart and innovative alternative to those tired old dance bags and dances luggage solutions. But once you're in the dressing room, you're wrestling with poorly lit dressing areas and overcrowding around the few mirrors available to all of the competitors. DivaDolly was founded by a dance mom who knows too well that having a convenient travel vanity and compact makeup case is the perfect way to get your hair and makeup organized and ready for the competition. That's why DivaDolly said no more struggling!

 Introducing a complete line of DivaDolly portable, travel makeup, hair and cosmetic cases and travel vanity solutions for dancers and other on-the-go competitors. Grab-n-go is the DivaDolly motto and with this line of innovative and intuitive portable cosmetic cases, getting setup, dressed and ready to perform has never been made any easier.