DivaDolly vs Dance Bags

When shopping for a dance suitcase, dance bag or any dance organizer, it's important that it support the demanding lifestyle of the dance mom, as much as the dancer. After all, it's the dance mom that's making it all come together, right?

This is why DivaDolly wants you to know what you’re getting when you buy your DivaDolly. So please have a look below to learn how DivaDolly stacks up against conventional traveling dancer luggage and bag alternatives.


DivaDolly doesn’t rest on dirty, grimy floors.

DivaDolly is the only dance suitcase alternative that contains an upright hanging system. There’s no squatting as your dancer gets ready. Even better, costumes don’t touch the floor because your DivaDolly stands vertically and opens from the center, allowing you and your dancer an easy, efficient way to organize, keep clean and access the contents inside.


The Alternative
Typically, a conventional dance bag, dance caddy or dance luggage functions horizontally from the floor level, leaving you to crouch down on your knees to gain access to the items inside.


DivaDolly doesn’t drag on the floor, which keeps it looking like new.

Your DivaDolly comes equipped with a sturdy, six-wheel 360° rolling system, so it moves alongside you without ever contacting dirty, unforgiving surfaces. And when you need to keep your DivaDolly stationary, the built-in locking wheels keep your dancer’s belongings stable and fixed while you compete.


The Alternative
Dance bags and other dance luggage are designed to be dragged across or tossed on floors, leaving them dirty, damaged and their contents jostled about inside. 


DivaDolly’s stays clean.

Your DivaDolly comes built with a smooth, durable exterior that's easily wiped clean. Equally strong is its tough PVC, leather-lined interior. So even after traveling to dozens of competitions, your dance travel system always looks like new.


The Alternative
Traditional dance caddies, dance bags and other dance suitcases and luggage aren't built to take the abuse imposed on it by a demanding traveling dance schedule. They tear, soil and get filthy because they were never designed to stay clear of mess, nor tolerate accidental spills, smudges or collisions.


DivaDolly is your own personal dressing room.

DivaDolly unfolds to reveal your very own personalized dressing room, vanity and wardrobe. So in those crowed backstage areas, you can relax knowing that your DivaDolly has carved out a personal space for you to put on your make-up, do your hair and ultimately dazzle the judges.


The Alternative
Dance bags are just that: they're bags. They don’t allow a dancer to fan out and claim the space needed to prepare for the competition. So with typical dance organizers, your dancer just has to make do sharing narrow space with other dancers, all tossing the contents of their dance luggage everywhere.


DivaDolly gives you privacy.

The upright telescopic garment rack built-in to your DivaDolly allows your dancer privacy for costumer preparations.


The Alternative
Try creating a wall to hide behind with an ordinary dance bag, dance organizer or dance suitcase.


DivaDolly doubles as a seated vanity.

Your dancer can sit at eye-level in front of her DivaDolly and use the equally convenient built-in, removable vanity mirror while preparing hair and make-up. Alternatively, complement your DivaDolly with a DivaDolly Starlet or ProDiva Travel Make-up Studio with Lights, and sit in star-like splendor as you prepare to blow their minds!


The Alternative
Ordinary travel dance bags and organizers have you seated criss-cross on the cruddy floor as you twist and turn to avoid being knocked aside by passersby.


DivaDolly is a make-up vanity and dresser!

Just open your DivaDolly and cosmetic trays offer you the perfect places to store your eyeliners, shadows, blush & lashes! Even more, once opened, your DivaDolly also contains a fully-functioning, graded dresser system, enabling you to store virtually as many costumers and clothing needs as your competition demands. Hair brushes, hair pins, combs and yes glitter are all tidy and organizer every time you reach for them.


The Alternative
Dance suitcases, dance luggage and dance bags don’t organize the items you need to reach for when you compete. Instead, ordinary dance organizers of all shapes and sizes leave it to you to coordinate their contents and in no time at all, your belongings are lost, missing, damaged or spilled.


DivaDolly is a 58-inch high garment rack.

The upright hanging system on the door has its own garment lining to protect your costumes while traveling. So gone is the wasted money and time packing garment bags that you only end up forcing into even bulkier dance bags and dance luggage. And with its rubber end caps on the garment rod, you can hang costumes in the interior, as well as the exterior sections expanding the hanging space for your garments.


The Alternative
Dance bags, dance suitcases and dance luggage, even when they come with racks, aren’t sensitive to the other purposes these dance organizers need to serve. So even when your dance bag has a rack, using it is made difficult because of the lack of innovations that surround it.


DivaDolly feels like it’s floating on air.

With its two-tier retractable handle, your dancer can easily walk alongside a DivaDolly, making trainstations, convention centers, gyms, parking lots and more as easy as dancing on air.


The Alternative
Uninventive dance organizers and dance luggage aren’t designed to make travel easy. They’re meant to store simply your dancer’s belongings. Any dance bag that doesn’t allow your dancer to easily move the bag from the car to the competition, isn’t an alternative at all.


DivaDolly solves long garment storage problems.

A net on the bottom of the costume door allows your dancer to store longer costumes with less opportunity for wrinkling or damaging fragile garment materials while traveling.


The Alternative
A typical dance caddy or dance suitcase won’t account for longer garments that need to be ready for competition. Often with conventional dance organizers, garments come out wrinkled, matted or worse, damaged by spills and other mishaps caused by poor interior construction.


DivaDolly was made to be grabbed from any angle.

Your DivaDolly has handles on all sides, permitting you effortless access to grab, twist, tilt or turn it for convenience.


The Alternative
Dance bags get crushed. Dancer suitcases are often inflexible and clumsy to manipulate in tight spaces.


DivaDolly assembles in seconds.

Minimal assembly is required to be off and running with your DivaDolly. Your DivaDolly sets up in under three minutes, with all of its features readily accessible in no time for the competition.


The Alternative
Typical dance suitcases and other dance bags don’t require very much assembly either because they typically don’t possess any features valued by the traveling dancer and dance mom.