DivaDolly; the Origin

DivaDolly founder Jennifer Luongo never planned on becoming a “dance mom” but as soon as daughter Ava could toddle, she was dancing. Jenn enrolled her in dance and quickly Ava’s casual interest morphed into a full-blown passion. Add daughter number two, Gigi, to the mix (also a toddling dancer) and soon the Luongos found themselves piling into the family SUV and bouncing from one dance competition to the next. For Jenn, an innate problem solver, the dance bags available never seemed to offer the space, function and organizational capabilities for a sport that required so many costumes and accessories, leotards, tutus, dance shoes, bobby pins and beyond. Add in the often-breakneck pace of comp world with its last minute “call times” and “quick changes” and without a smart travel system, backstage chaos could ensue. A lifelong hobbyist-inventor, Jenn recognized a hole in the market and started sketching out a product, iterating on the design, comp season after comp season. Fast forward to 2015, now the mother of pre-teen dancers, Jenn knew it was time. The DivaDolly was born, an ingenious travel system for competitors and athletes that perform. The DivaDolly is now the namesake product for a brand focused on creating smart travel and lifestyle solutions for performance-focused sports and activities that often get overlooked and even minimized by the mainstream.

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