DivaDolly is the groundbreaking rolling dance trunk that includes a: 

  • removable, framed vanity mirror that rests at eye-level when seated
  • cosmetic tray system for easy organizing and stowing of make-up and hair accessories
  • graded-depth, 3-drawer system, giving your dancer plenty of room to pack delicate garments and more
  • 58-inch high telescopic travel garment rack, with a net, so garments can stretch fully, avoiding wrinkles and contact with floors

DivaDolly has a six-wheel, 360° universal rolling dance bag alternative and world-class dance luggage and suitcase system that make it the perfect upgrade from those difficult to maneuver dance suitcases and dance bags of old. With your DivaDolly you can conveniently adjust the two-position retractable handle to better accommodate your dancer's height too, so gliding your DivaDolly dance case requires just a gentle nudge to get moving. This innovative rolling dance luggage and suitcase system can be tilted and rolled forward, for smooth pulling through tight space too or effortlessly rolled beside you in its standard upright position. Whether behind you or beside you, your DivaDolly dance bag substitute is what dance luggage and a dance cases were always meant to be. DivaDolly is what dance moms and dancers have been waiting for. So don't wait. Make DivaDolly the rolling dance bag and dance luggage the perfect upgrade to your dance competition lifestyle!