DivaDolly® Petite Manual

Your first DivaDolly®? How exciting! We’re so happy for you Diva!

DivaDolly Petite is an ingenious patented performance wardrobe and an intelligent investment into your performance lifestyle. If you take good care of your Petite, it will be sure to take care of you. To maximize the life of your DivaDolly Petite, we thoroughly recommend taking our self-guided Petite tour as outlined here. By taking the tour, beginning to end, you can be confident that you'll get the very most out of your DivaDolly Petite. You'll also avoid any embarrassing mistakes that might lead to damage or accidents. We hope you love your Petite as much as we do!

So let’s start the tour shall we?

STEP 1 Open your DivaDolly Petite

This magical moment is when all the mysteries of your DivaDolly Petite are revealed.

  • Unfasten the two latches on the front of your DivaDolly Petite, and lift the lid


  • Inside, you'll see inside an accessory tray with a clear lid. This tray is attached at

    the bottom with Velcro and is removable, just so you know!

  • Next up, let's open the door. Along the side, you'll see two more metal latches.

    Loosen these and gently swing the door open.

  • Cue epic music for the big reveal. Take a moment to smile, enjoy the view, and think about all the fun things you could put inside.

STEP 2 Explore the drawers
Your DivaDolly Petite is fitted with 3 drawers for storing shoes, makeup, snacks, stockings, and all your other performance essentials. Important! To maintain balance and prevent your DivaDolly Petite from tipping over, please ensure you have only one drawer open at a time. Pinky promise?

STEP 3 Know how to transport your garments
At the top of the inside of the door is a hook for hanging costumes. In transit, this is where you'll hang your costumes, just be sure to tuck long items into the netting pouch at the bottom of the door to prevent them from getting dirty!
To maximize costume hanging capacity, we recommend:

  • Using thin, strong costume hangers. Definitely avoid wooden hangers; they weigh down your Petite, and may cause it to tip over if too much weight is hung from the garment rack. We recommend our specially made DivaDolly Costume Hangers, they’re light, strong, and gorgeous too!

    ● Avoid using garment bags. Why would you need a garment bag when everything is tucked up so neatly inside!

STEP 4 Raise the garment rack
  • In the inner left and right corners of the door, you'll see black bars with two black clips on either side.

  • Flick open the clips on one side and extend the bar upwards, gently now, as far as it goes.

  • Close the two clips again to secure.

  • Repeat on the other side.

  • In a long black pouch in the center of the door, you'll find a T-Bar. Shimmy the pouch out of the securing elastic, and remove the T-Bar.

  • Slide the T-Bar into the tops of the two extended bars.

  • Your garment rack is now ready to load with costumes! Simply slide your hand under the hangers on your garment hook, and transfer them onto the extended garment rack. Snap!Got a great pic with your DivaDolly Petite you'd like the world to see? Share it with us on Facebook messenger or Instagram tag #DivaDolly for your chance to be featured.

Got a great pic with your DivaDolly Petite you'd like the world to see? Share it with us on Facebook messenger or Instagram tag #DivaDolly for your chance to be featured.

STEP 5 Raise the garment rack

  • Remove costumes from the T-Bar, and reposition them onto the internal door costume hook.

  • Remove the T-Bar attachment, slide it back into the accompanying pouch and secure it in the elastic loop in the center of the door.

  •  Open the 2 black clips on each extended bar, lower the bars and close the securing clips.

  • Pssst: Super top bonus tip: Backstage can be a busy, crazy place, so when you're on stage or away from your DivaDolly Petite, we recommend leaving the top lid open and your costumes hanging on the costume rack but latching the door closed. Your warranty does not cover damage due to accidents and this dramatically reduces the risk of anyone knocking your Petite over while you're not around! Win

STEP 6 Close DivaDolly Petite & protect

  • Gently close the main door, lifting it over the central brake plate, and ensure the two sides of the Petite come together in alignment.

  • Close the side latches. No force is needed! If the latches aren't closing easily, it means the door isn't aligned. Gently open and close the door again, using your other hand if needed to bring the tops and sides together evenly.

  • Only after the side latches are closed, gently close the lid.

  • Fasten the 2 latches on the lid. These should close easily. If they don't, you need to go back and check that the door is latched together correctly and that everything is aligned. Once again, no force.

  • To protect the surface of your DivaDolly Petite from scratches during transit, we highly recommend covering it with a slipcover. After all, you wouldn't go around with your fancy new Smart Phone without a cover, would you?

Pssst: Super top bonus tip: Backstage can be a busy crazy place, so when you’re on stage, or away from your DivaDolly, we recommend leaving the top lid open and your costumes hanging on the costume rack, but latching the door closed. This reduces the risk of anyone knocking your DivaDolly over while you’re not around!

STEP 7 Take your DivaDolly Petite with you wherever you're going!

  • Press the button on the telescopic handle and raise, just like your airport luggage now.

  • Tilt the case around 30° on its wheels and gently pull along!

  • Take care on uneven surfaces Diva.

STEP 10 Getting your DivaDolly Petite in and out of a car safely

Just like with a regular fully packed suitcase, a DivaDolly Petite can get a little heavy, especially if you have multiple performance outfits, shoes, makeup, haircare and lunch packed inside. That's why we recommend that only adults, or strong teenagers move the DivaDolly Petite in and out of your vehicle. There is a little technique required however because you want to avoid scratching the surface of your DivaDolly Petite (this is where a Slipcover comes in handy), dropping it, or worse, hurting your back. So please do take care!

There are many techniques, we'll share our favorite here. But, whatever technique you choose, we highly recommend first practicing a few times with your Petite empty.

  • Roll the DivaDolly Petite up close to your open trunk or back seat, and stand facing your car, with your DivaDolly between yourself and the car.

  • Place both hands on the top handle, squat slightly, keeping your back straight and upright, and lift the handle upwards towards your chin, using the strength of your arms and shoulders.

  • Once your hands reach around chest height, bend one knee slightly, sliding it under the raising Petite as you root yourself into the floor with the other foot for stability. Your bent leg should act as leverage helping to move the DivaDolly up and into position and act as a prop to hold any excess weight. This eliminates any need to bend and lift from your back, which is always a bad idea!

  • Slide your Petite into the car, laying it either on its back or the side without latches.

  • To remove your DivaDolly Petite from the car, place both hands on the top handle, pull and slide outwards. Use a knee again to take the weight, and leverage the wheels back onto the floor.

  • Please don't use the wheels to lift your DivaDolly Petite, it is both unsafe but may also cause the wheels to break.


  • Your DivaDolly Petite has been engineered to carry up to 40 pounds. Loading in excessive weight may damage the suitcase and make it difficult to maneuver into and out of the car. Pack smartly Diva.

  • Never stand or sit on your DivaDolly Petite!

  • Never apply force to close latches, or you may damage your DivaDolly Petite. A clasp or clip not closing easily is simply a sign that the door is likely out of alignment. Simply open the door and gently close it again to rectify this.

  • When climbing or descending stairs, lift the DivaDolly Petite and place it on each step. Do not pull your DivaDolly Petite up or downstairs, as you may break the wheels and potentially cause damage.

  • Be sure to store your DivaDolly in a cool, dry environment. Never store ina hot shed or attic as the heat can damage your DivaDolly Petite and void your warranty.

  • Be sure to have your DivaDolly Petite out of direct sunlight as this could cause potential fading, and warping.

  • To clean up any mess or spills inside, simply wipe down with an antibacterial wipe or a soft, damp cloth.

    This trick is invaluable should anything ever slip down the back of your DivaDolly Petite inner compartment.

    • Open the drawer you'd like to remove as far as it can go without force.

    • By looking closely, you will see two small screws on the aluminium brackets, one on each side.

    • Loosen the screws on each side and gently slide the drawer off of the aluminium track

    • To replace, line up the drawer with the tracks, slide the draw back onto the tracks and tighten each screw where the adjustor is located. Do not overtighten. Open and close the door to ensure it is inserted correctly and is gliding smoothly on the rails.

    • Never apply force when removing or replacing the drawers as you may break the rails and void the warranty.


    DivaDolly offers a 90-day guarantee from the date of purchase on DivaDolly Petites, offering repair or replacement if it is found to be defective due to faulty materials, workmanship or function.

    This guarantee is only valid if the DivaDolly Petite is used in the country in which it is sold.

    You must provide proof of purchase before any work can be performed.


    Under your DivaDolly Petite guarantee, DivaDolly shall not be liable for costs of repair or replacement of a product incurred as a result of:

    • Accidental damage, faults caused by negligent use or care, misuse, neglect, careless operation or handling which is not in accordance with the DivaDolly Petite user guide.

    • The use of the DivaDolly Petite for anything other than the intended use.

    • Use of parts not assembled or installed in accordance with the instructions of DivaDolly Petite.

    • Repairs or alterations carried out by parties other than DivaDolly or its authorized agents.

    • Normal wear and tear.

    Conditions not covered by warranty

    • damage, failure, fading, or deterioration (of the whole of the product or its components) caused by normal wear & tear; or

    • damage caused by sitting on a product or loading with excessive weight, or

    • damaged caused by closing product by force, or

    • damage caused by improper cleaning or use of improper cleaning products; or

    • damage caused by spills such as acid, solvents, dyes or other corrosive materials, ink, paint; or

    • damage caused by improper storage, such as storage in temperatures over 86C; or

    • accidental damage to wheels; or

    • damage (including corrosion) caused by excessive or irregular use,neglect, abuse, assembly, placement, including damage caused by failing to follow any care instructions provided with the product; or

    • damage caused by trauma caused by airline baggage handlers, or loading into and out of vehicles; or

    • damage caused when the product has been used in commercial environments or

      in a manner or for a purpose which is greater than, or exceptional to normal use; or

    • breakage or damage to mirrors; or

    • damage caused by Acts of God; or

    • defects in products sold "As Is" which have been brought to your attention prior to purchase.

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