Dance duffle bags rip, they get dirty, they wrinkle garments and nothing’s ever where it was when you packed it. Dance bags are just as bad because they’re also weak and flimsy, the racks they’re equipped with are fragile and commonly unable to tolerate the demands busy dance moms put them through. Dance suitcases don’t contain interior designs meant to carefully let you coordinate, categorize and organize your dancer’s cosmetic and hair essentials, so forget about using it as much more than a common piece of dance luggage.

The trouble with dance travel equipment of any kind, shape or size is that they seldom, if ever, truly accomplish the tasks they’re supposed to do so well.

Dance moms, perhaps far more than the dancers themselves, know quite well how difficult it is to prepare for dance competitions. There’s travel times, lodging, facilities to get to on time, meals to plan, hair and make-up to do and yes, lots of costumes, shoes and other accessories to account for too. Well, as dance moms will all agree, the best planning in the world ultimately comes down to how well you pack for your dancer’s big event. And isn’t it a shame when our best laid dance competition planning gets shoved, crammed, smooshed into a disorganized heap and heaved into poorly conceived dance bags, dance suitcases and dance duffle bags?

That’s why DivaDolly was born. DivaDolly is the smart, innovative upgrade from those impractical dance suitcases, dance bags and dance luggage that has burdened you for so long.


Mia Diaz has a bubbling personality and is as sweet as sugar. She is a former dancer on the hot television show, Dance Mom’s Miami. Mia has referenced her DivaDolly as her “bedroom on wheels” and is a dedicated fan and proud owner of the pink DivaDolly. She is obsessed with her vanity, closet and dresser in one that comes in her favorite color! As a traveling dancer and actress, Mia Diaz is Wowed by her DivaDolly and has never seen anything out there that holds as much! What are some of the unique belongings that Mia keeps in her DivaDolly? Her phone, a sewing kit, BandAids, toothpaste, gel, nail polish remover, an umbrella, her sneakers, her stretching equipment, costumes, hair products & the list goes on and on. She is so excited about her DivaDolly that she posted a thorough DivaDolly tutorial on her YouTube channel. Click the photo of Mia or click here to watch her demo the DivaDolly at home.



Abigail Miller won her very own DivaDolly after entering into the Rising Talent Magazine’s contest. Abigail has proven herself as a Rising Star as she’s achieved numerous dance awards and scholarships in addition to her modeling and theatre performances. Abigail isn’t shy about how much she loves traveling with her DivaDolly. She loves its easy assembly and is so excited to fit her 9 costumes in addition to all of her other essentials. Abigail is in love with its “strong rack”. She pronounces that DivaDolly “makes her dance life so much easier”. Abigail continues to share and post about her DivaDolly experience and how DivaDolly is “a fierce and organized way to travel!” Click the photo of Abigail or click here to watch her demo her DivaDolly at home.