About DivaDolly Rolling Dance Luggage System

Jennifer LuongoEntrepreneur Jennifer Luongo knows how rewarding, yet demanding it is to travel with dancers. Since each of her two daughters were old enough to walk, they have been piling into the family SUV and bouncing from one dance competition to the next. But for childhood dancer, turned dance mom Jennifer Luongo, the travel dance bags, dance suitcases and rolling dance bags available to active dance moms were just never quite enough to both easily contain, as well as keep organized the dozens of items that comprise a busy traveling dancer’s lifestyle.

As a dance mom, it’s not uncommon to juggle multiple competition schedules and long drives to and from various competition facilities. On top of the rigors of just getting there on time, there’s also costumes, hair care products, footwear, make-up, jewelry and glitter – lots and lots of glitter.

Dance moms manage a lot, says Jennifer.

It wasn’t long before dance mom Jennifer decided to give up on conventional travel dance equipment. Whether a dance bag, with a rack or without, or other poor performing substitutes, like a standard dance caddy, dance organizer and virtually any kind of dance luggage, Jennifer was finally ready for a change.

In a perfect world, Jennifer contemplated, busy dance moms manage the logistics of dance competitions, without being slowed by dance luggage solutions that scatter, spill, wrinkle and damage your dancer’s belongings. It’s just no fun when your dancer’s property is scattered across poorly constructed pouches, compartments that don’t seal and zippers that break too easily. And with a “dressing room” typically represented by little more than a small, carved out area of hallway, traveling with substandard dance luggage and dance bags quickly becomes more work than rehearsing for the actual competition.

So like any great innovation born out of necessity, a revolutionary dance luggage alternative was conceived. So farewell to the unwieldy dance organizer, dance caddy and other dance luggage. Finally, a sophisticated replacement for the underwhelming dance bag is here!