Lady En Vogue | DivaDolly 2.0

Lady En Vogue | DivaDolly 2.0 - DivaDolly
Lady En Vogue | DivaDolly 2.0 - DivaDolly
Lady En Vogue | DivaDolly 2.0 - DivaDolly

Lady En Vogue | DivaDolly 2.0


In Stock Now & Free Shipping! DivaDolly 2.0 

If you like to be the center of attention, then Lady En Vogue is for you.  Lady En Vogue is like your traveling with your favorite black dress and hottest red lipstick. It is fashion on wheels and will certainly be the first noticed when entering a room.

Features of the DivaDolly Rolling Dance Luggage System include:

A Sturdy and Durable Exterior

A 58-inch High Telescopic Travel Garment Rack, with a Net, so Garments can Stretch Avoiding Wrinkles and Contact with Floors

An Interior Hook for Hanging Garments During Travel

A Newly Designed Hinged Lid

A Zippered Garment Bag that Protects Hanging Wardrobe Items

360° Six-Replaceable Wheel System with An Expandable Handle for Easy Reaching and Transport

Lined with Vegan Leather, Easy to Wipe Clean & Disinfect

A 6"X 10" Detachable Vanity Mirror for Styling Hair and Make-up

A Sectioned Top Drawer to securely Stow and coordinate Small Dance Accessories

A Detachable Tray with a Clear Latched Lid

Three Graduated Drawers for Endless and Secure Storage 

Easy to Disinfect

DivaDolly is handcrafted with a hard shell exterior and vegan leather that easily wipes clean.

Creates Personal Space

DivaDolly opens to create your own personal space in crowded dressing rooms. It's your personal closet and vanity on the go.

Stay Organized

Keeping organized is essential and DivaDolly provides drawers, compartments, a garment rack all-in-one. Never dig, never stress.