Factory Second DivaDolly in Pink | Rolling Dance Bag Alternative with a Wardrobe Rack

DivaDolly, LLC


Say it in Pink - Factory Second

Factory Seconds are the perfect way to own your DivaDolly at a discounted price. Factory Second DivaDollys and DD-Kings are fully functioning, portable dance wardrobes, that represent the smart alternative to typical dance bags, dance bags on wheels and dance wardrobes that seldom satisfy the rigors of traveling dancers and dance moms. These factory seconds possess minor manufacturing imperfections to the interior or exterior body of the case, but do not effect the daily functionality of the product. Factory Seconds are non-refundable and are not under warranty.

Declare your diva-ness loud and proud with this pink DivaDolly! The exterior is beautifully crafted with aluminum trim and four sturdy clasps that make your DivaDolly easy to open every time. Your pink DivaDolly brand is glamorously embossed and on display for everyone to see on a sparkling silver logo plate as well - just to add a bit of dance luggage bling! Each DivaDolly has a reinforced top handle and four easy-to-open clasps. The graded drawers glided open for easy access to all garments, shoes and accessories as well.

The top trays are of a two-tier design, providing you and your traveling dancer more room to organize hair and make-up essentials than you'll need. The 58-inch, telescopic garment rack easily pops-up with a snap and allows you to hang all of your garments without concern for them touching the grimy floor. And the net below your garment rack means your fragile costumes are kept clear of grimy floors. A typical dance bag or dance suitcase can't do that. Or if you like, transfer your wardrobe items from the drawers or even from the interior hanging hook on the door, to the garment rack -- -all in seconds! The interior is lined with durable PVC black lining that easily wipes away clean any accidental spills or messes. Your pink DivaDolly also comes equipped with a framed & detachable, eye-level vanity mirror, so your diva can take it wherever she needs, or sit conveniently at her DivaDolly to prepare her hair and make-up.


  • The DivaDolly is 30.25 inches in height from the base of the wheels.
  • The trunk itself is 27 inches in height and 18½ inches wide.
  • The total depth is 14 inches when closed.
  • The inner door with hanging rack is 5 inches in depth.
  • The drawers are 9 ½ inches in depth.

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