DD-Kings in Black | Rolling Dance Bag Alternative with a Wardrobe Rack

DivaDolly, LLC


DD-Kings Blowout! The Man in Black!

What man, young or old, doesn't look good in black? Black is mysterious, black is bold, black is cool.

Introducing the DD-Kings! The first-ever designed-for-males, dance bag and dance luggage alternative brought to you by DivaDolly, the makers of the innovative answer to all of your dance bag and dance luggage hassles. The DD-Kings is built using the same tough and durable materials used to manufacture the DivaDolly, yet with visual appointments that declare to passersby that this traveling dance luggage is made for Him. It's Jet black veneer is perfect for the male performer or dancer that wants to showcase a little attitude in everything he does. Made in a never timid matte black finish, with solid brushed aluminum trim, he'll clear the aisles, the hallway and the dressing room as he and his DD-Kings makes their way under the lights. Your black DD-Kings comes with four sturdy snapping clasps that make opening and closing your DD-Kings a piece of cake. The DD-Kings brand logo makes a statement centered on the jet backdrop and is boldly embossed on a silver plate. 

Each DD-Kings has a reinforced top handle and four easy-to-open clasps and comes with a sophisticated graded drawer system, permitting you to easily slide open and stow more shoes, costumes and accessories than you know what to do with. The top trays are a two-tier design that create lots of space for you to store dance and performance accessories and other important items. The telescopic garment rack rises to an amazing 58 inches from the floor, comes with a net at the bottom and keeps your costumes and other garments safe from unforgiving surfaces. You can move your wardrobe from inside the hanging hook on the door, directly to the garment rack in seconds! The interior appointments are as impressive as well. Lined with a tough, black PVC lining, your DD-Kings is simple to wipe clean of any accidental messes made during your travels. Also included with your DD-Kings is a totally removable and framed mirror, allowing you to sit at eye level while preparing to perform.



  • The DD-Kings is 30.25 inches in height from the base of the wheels.
  • The trunk itself is 27 inches in height and 18½ inches wide.
  • The total depth is 14 inches when closed.
  • The inner door with hanging rack is 5 inches in depth.
  • The drawers are 9 ½ inches in depth.

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