Classic Starlet | DivaDolly, the Rolling Dance Bag Alternative with a Wardrobe Rack

DivaDolly, LLC


Classic Starlet DivaDolly

New Replaceable Wheel System

The Classic Starlet DivaDolly is a true show-stopper in its stunning contrast of glossy black textured diamond surface with the popular rose gold metallic trim. Your Classic Starlet DivaDolly is sure to turn heads from the dressing room to outer space as it shines from every vantage point. The Classic Starlet is beautifully appointed with rose gold hardware, making it the very picture of sophistication. You will stop crowds traveling with your Classic Starlet is Black Diamond DivaDolly with Rose Gold Trim as the rose gold contrast is a head turner for all. The Black Diamond DivaDolly with Rose Gold Trim is the ideal way for your dancer to make an entrance for any event.

The embossed DivaDolly logo twinkles from the silver plate centered on the black background. Each DivaDolly has a reinforced top handle and four easy-to-open clasps. Each drawer glides open for easy access to all garments, shoes and accessories. The top trays are two-tier to offer more room for organized essentials. The telescoping garment rack easily assembles. Transfer your wardrobe from the interior hanging hook on the door to the garment rack in seconds! The interior is lined with PVC black lining that easily wipes clean. The mirror is framed and detachable so your diva can take it wherever she needs. The pivoting universal wheels are detachable and replaceable. 

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