Iconic Croc | DivaDolly
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Iconic Croc | DivaDolly

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The Iconic Croc DivaDolly is gorgeous light pink croc patterned vegan leather with beautiful white trim. It projects a wild softness that is one of a kind.  

Features of the DivaDolly Rolling Dance Luggage System include:

A Sturdy and Durable Exterior

A 58-inch High Telescopic Travel Garment Rack, with a Net, so Garments can Stretch Avoiding Wrinkles and Contact with Floors

An Interior Hook for Hanging Garments During Travel

A Zippered Garment Bag that Protects Hanging Wardrobe Items

360° Six-Replaceable Wheel System with An Expandable Handle for Easy Reaching and Transport

Lined with Vegan Leather, Easy to Wipe Clean & Disinfect

A 6"X 10" Detachable Vanity Mirror for Styling Hair and Make-up

A Sectioned Top Drawer to securely Stow and coordinate Small Dance Accessories

A Detachable Tray with a Clear Latched Lid

Three Graduated Drawers for Endless and Secure Storage 

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